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A Key to Accessing Electronic Resources

Additional NetID Information and Services

Forgot or don’t know your NetID?

If you do not know or have forgotten your MSU NetID, try searching for yourself by name using MSU Find People.

If you haven't restricted your directory information for privacy or reset your directory entry to display an alternative email address, then the returned search result will show your NetID as an email address.

If that doesn't work, you'll need to activate your NetID again. Your NetID will display on the screen following activation. To activate, non-students need to request a PIN. Students need to use their PAN. (If don't remember, look up your PAN.)

Need to update NetID billing? 

To request an update to NetID billing, email the ID Office at

Additional services

MSU NetIDs provide login access to the MSU services and systems based on a user’s affiliations.

Faculty, staff and graduate students are granted SSL-VPN secured login access. Temp/on-call staff and undergraduate students requiring SSL-VPN must request an override. The SSL-VPN access override request must be submitted by a faculty/staff member and not by the individual requiring the access. (Read more on VPN access.)

Standard email storage is 512MB for undergraduate student NetIDs and 1GB for all other NetIDs. Additional email storage can be added for $1/month per 100MB and must be billed to an MSU account number. Fill out the Email Storage Request Form.